Are the Gundam Bags WORTH it? | FIRST LOOK | Full Honest Review

by Studio G on Jul 23, 2023

Are the Gundam Bags WORTH it? | FIRST LOOK | Full Honest Review

Hey guys, this is Justin from StudioG, and today we are gonna be looking at some of the coolest Gundam bags and accessories on the market right now. This is my honest review of the FX Creation Backpack, MSN-06S SINANJU Gundam Messenger Bag, RX-78-2 Gundam Waist Bag, and Minimalist Wallet. 

Let's face it, there are a lot of Gundam-themed related products on the market, and most of them aren't officially licensed by Sunrise anyway, which is the official company that owns all the Gundam stuff. Also, many of the products on the market look cringy, super kiddish and not cool. The main reason I am even looking at these bags and accessories is that they are one of the few companies out there manufacturing not only quality bags but also look cool. It would be something that I use daily.  


In this review, we will look at some of the criteria that make up a good product. 

  1. First Impression
  2. Design and Features
  3. Quality
  4. Price

Now let's get started.

RX-78-2 Gundam Backpack

First, let's look at the granddaddy of all Gundams. In this case, backpacks. Upon first look, the backpack looked small, like; what's so special about them, right? It's probably just another Gundam-themed product, but it's a big no. And here's why.


First Impression: It's More Than Meets The Eye (Quoting another famous line from another robot movie)

Although the bag doesn't look big, it holds quite a lot of stuff, specifically 21L of stuff. In my test, I tried fitting what would be perceived as my "EDC" or Everyday Carry stuff in the bag like the 16-inch Macbook Pro, my cheap Android tablet, a DSLR camera, a camera lens, a notebook, Nintendo Switch, a laptop charger, camera battery charger, cables and also a 20,000mAH portable battery. None of the items listed above can be considered light. Especially when you put them all together. 

What surprises me is how light everything feels on my back. I personally do quite a lot of street photography with my camera bags. But recently, I kinda stopped using any function-specific bags. I switched to this Gundam Backpack. 


The thing is, FX Creation's bag has its own patented technology called the Anti Gravity System; it would be like a suspension. Instead of dragging you down when you walk and bounce, they act like a counterweight system. Doing so relieves some of the weight you feel as you carry the bag running around the streets. Forgive me if this was not sounding scientific enough; this is the best explanation I can do now. 


This bag has somehow become my daily driver because I feel comfortable using it. 


Design and Feature

The backpack sports multiple compartments, thoughtfully designed to cater to our everyday needs. Surprisingly, it has a padded laptop compartment that fits even my 16-inch Mackbook Pro with room to spare. I have encountered multiple bags in the past, and most of the time, the laptop compartments feel more like an afterthought. However, it's different with this backpack. I would feel safe and not worry too much if I sledge the back across and hit something or dropped it accidentally on the floor cause it's very well built and protected. They also have another tablet compartment that would fit my table and notebook, so that's a plus for me. 

The main compartment has a thick padded floor, thick enough that I felt confident storing my DSLR camera and lenses. As you know, cameras and lenses are sensitive products with lots of internal moving parts. Any hits or bumps would jog things around inside, and things might get misaligned. Moreover, the main compartment is also big enough for me to store my Nintendo Switch, laptop charger (which is bulky), and camera charger with more space to spare. The main compartment also has an additional zipper to unzip to gain more space to fit your stuff when needed.

As for other smaller accessories like cables and maybe a couple of flash drives and memory cards, I stored them in the webbed compartment stitched to the inside. Nothing much there, but definitely something convenient to have. 


I store my huge 20,000mAH portable charger in the front compartment. The reason is that it would be something that I access regularly, having a cable running out of it as I charge my phone. It's convenient. If you're someone who carries their own water around, then worry not cause they have water bottle compartments on both sides of the backpack. 

One of the design features I like is that it has a lip running from the back or the backpack to the front, fastened with clips to act like a roof for all your stuff. This is not a waterproof backpack by any means, but having a separate lip to will shield your stuff from the rain, giving you time to run to find shelter before you get soaking wet. The backpack is made with water-repellent materials but not waterproof. The sides of the backpacks are also elastic to give you a little space to stretch when needed. 


There are a lot of quality backpacks around, and there are many shitty backpacks around, too, and vice versa. I am glad that this FX Creation RX-78-2 Gundam Backpack is of good quality. 

When we speak of quality, we look at the backpack's construction. The materials are durable and rugged, the straps feel tremendous and durable, like they wouldn't just come off after a few pulls, and the stitches are plentiful. 


The zippers and handles are of high quality as well, so you can feel confident getting rough with them without worrying that they would come off or get misaligned. Nothing annoys me more than zippers that broke off. 


This bag is a steal at just below $90.00 (US Dollar). The quality, the design and the features make it worth the price. If you want a bag anyway, why not go for something that sparks your fire, and get yourself a Gundam backpack you would enjoy. 



In conclusion, the backpack gets a rating of 8/10 for me. The reason why it's an 8 and not a 10 is because I would like a bigger version of it, I am not exactly a tiny guy, and I like big bags. That's just my personal preference. Other than that, it's an excellent buy for a great backpack. 


Technical Specification:

‧ 17-inch laptop compartment, 13-inch tablet compartment

‧ Front zipper compartment x1

‧ Water bottle compartment x2

‧ Top zipper compartment x1

‧ Water-repellent material

‧ Dimension 31W x 46H x 15D cm / 21.39L

‧ Weight 1kg

MSN-06S SINANJU Gundam Messenger Bag

Messenger bags ticks my boxes personally, more than backpacks, if I am honest. I have been looking for something like this for the longest time, and I am glad I found the MSN-06S SINANJU Gundam Messenger Bag. 


The messenger bag fits right into my daily routine. Sometimes, I didn't want to carry backpacks, so switching bags is fun; my go-to would be a messenger bag. You might be the person who carries a messenger all of the time, and if you are, then I've got an excellent recommendation. 


First Impression

If you are like me, who likes Neo Zeon and Char from the Gundam series more than Ray Amuro, I can guarantee you that you will love this bag. 


The design is subtle; it's low-key but prominent enough to show that you are a fan of Gundams. It doesn't scream, "HEY, LOOK AT MY GUNDAM," I feel perfectly comfortable being this around everywhere I go without feeling cringy. 

Obviously, this bag does not have the Anti Gravity System, patented by FX creation, or anything like that. But the straps are thick and wide enough to prevent you from having any burns across your shoulders and body as you carry the bag around. The colour coordination of the design is just perfect, in my opinion. They look excellent, professional and mature for any occasion. 

Design and Feature

The bag has several compartments, and for my test, I tried fitting everything in the RX-78-2 Gundam Backpack mentioned above into this messenger bag. That includes:


  1. A 16-inch Macbook Pro
  2. Android Tablet
  3. Notebook
  4. Cables
  5. Laptop Charger
  6. DSLR Camera
  7. Lenses
  8. Laptop Charger
  9. Nintendo Switch
  10. Cables
  11. 20,000mAH Portable Battery

Now that's a lot of stuff, and everything FITS! Even when it's only 14L, the bag's design allows you to fit a 16-inch laptop easily. The padded inner compartments protect your electronics, so you don't have to worry too much about dropping your bag or being careless. 


The messenger also has a rear zipped compartment; I would store the tablet or the notebook for quick access. I store my Nintendo Switch, DSLR camera, lenses, and chargers in the main compartment. The main compartment also sports 2 separate compartments, where I keep my cables and tiny accessories. There's also a zipped compartment just above it. 


On the outside, there's a zipped compartment where I keep my portable battery. Also, my tablet was in the open compartment for quick access. A vast lip covering the bag provides security and a little shelter against external factors like rain and stuff. The bag is made with the same water-repellent material as the RX-78-2 Gundam Backpack, so there's no need to worry about taking a stroll in light rain situations. 

The outside of the messenger bag has a smaller zipped compartment, perfect for storing small items like earphones. I had not noticed how the straps were attached to the bag when I started using it. It's stitched on an angle that contours to your body, improving weight distribution and overall carrying experience. In the messenger bags I've used, the straps are stitched at the sides of the bag parallelly. I never thought that an angled strap would be so comfortable. It's thoughtful and shows how they are as a manufacturer. That's a plus for me personally. 



The bag feels really high in quality. Every surface material feels premium, and almost the entire bag is padded with foam material (thick or thin), so you truly feel safe and confident that the bag will do its job correctly.

The stitches across the bag are sturdy; some are double stitches, so you can be rough with the bag without worrying about breaking anything. The water-repellent material used means that it would withstand a slight light drizzle. The fact that the bag could stand upright by itself even when empty proves that this is different from your typical messenger bag.


This bag was priced just below $60.00 (US Dollar). Though it was sent to me for free to review and test, I would personally buy this bag in a heartbeat. The price isn't outrageous; it's reasonable. 


With the price, you'll get a significant volume, high-quality messenger bag suitable for almost any occasion. 



In conclusion, I use this messenger bag personally in rotation with the RX-78-2 Backpack, and I have loved it ever since. The design speaks naturally to me; instead of a bag, it feels more like an extension of myself. I recommend this bag to anyone. 

Technical Specification

‧ Inner zipper compartment x1

‧ Rear zipper compartment x1

‧ Front zipper compartment x1

‧ Inner compartment x1

‧ Padded & adjustable shoulder strap

‧ Padded 16" computer compartment‧Luggage strap

‧ Water-repellent material

‧ Size: 27W x 37H x 14.5D cm / 14.5L

‧ Weight: 0.7kg

RX-78-2 Gundam Waist Bag

The waist bag is something other than what I would go for personally. But don't let me stop you from exploring this. If you're the kind of guy who carries a waist bag and loves Gundam like I do, then go for this bag. 


The waist can serve multiple purposes. It could be hanging from your waist or bag or a separate bag where you store your stuff within your main bag. 

Upon first look, it's a simple bag with two main compartments. One main compartment and a smaller one at the front. What I did not notice at first was that the lid was actually magnetic. Having magnetic lids, closures, or anything like that isn't special, at least not anymore. But you can't hide that it's a really convenient feature. 


You can use the waist to store your non-essential items, something you want to reach in, grab, and go, like headphones, earphones, sterilizers, and more. 

The bag comes with a clip that allows it to securely clip the bag to your waist belt loop, somewhere on your bag or within your bag itself. A loop at the back of the bag allows you to thread your belt through it if you prefer a more secure and tight attachment. 

Since this is a product from FX Creation, there's no doubt about the quality. It's sturdy, secure and very well made. The band of cord looping across the bag is functional as a handle and feels in conjunction with the mecha design language. It feels industrial and definitely very Gundam-like. 

This waist bag is priced reasonably at around $30.00 (US Dollar). You will get what it's worth with the quality, design and aesthetic of the RX-78-2 Waist Bag.

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Card Case

Now for any Unicorn fans out there, if you fancy any small accessories, I can recommend this card case. The design is subtle but carries strong RX-0 Unicorn aesthetics. 


It holds at least 15 cards with RFID protection, ensuring your information is safe. 

The card case is metal, with straps holding everything together from 3 sides, leaving an opening to insert your cards. The card case can hold at least 15 cards. There's a helpful slot that allows you to push out your card and makes it easy to pull out any card to use at any time. 


I carry all my stuff in a traditional wallet. Still, with minimalism on the rise, many more people will carry a card case instead. 

The card case also has a clip at the back of it; you can use it to clip it anywhere you like, or, like me, you can use it to hold on to your cash instead. Its small form factor makes it more convenient to carry around and looks better in your pockets than a big bulky wallet. 


I don't think it's expensive at $25.00 (US Dollar). With its material, RFID protection technology, quality, and design, it's definitely a steal from the get-go. 

If you are a regular user of money clips, and you like Gundams as well, why not give this a try!


If you're interested, I have worked with FX Creations to provide you guys with an additional 5% DISCOUNT on your purchase! Just type in "STUDIOG" upon checkout and you'll get 5% OFF your entire order automatically!

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