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by Studio G on Nov 13, 2020


Hello! Galio here, In this blog post, I want to show how to customize Diver ace, adding paint and pla plate. I would highly recommend you guys to watch the video first.

Read Time: 5 minutes

Now let’s take a general look at what I’ve done to my Diver Ace

  1. Custom scribing
  2. Added Pla Plates
  3. Custom painting
  4. Custom Sword and Gun
  5. Water slide decals

Here is the list of tools I used (If you’re from the Philippines you can use the link to buy it)

  1. Gundam 00 Diver ace
  2. scriber 
  3. Tamiya Thinner
  4. Airbrush
  5. Airbrush(recommended)
  6. Ring light
  7. Turntable
  8. Tamiya Panel Accent
  9. Dymo tape
  10. Water Decal
  11. Alligator clip
  12. Masking tape
  13. Tamiya paints
  14. Armored komodo paint
  15. Pla plate

(Disclaimer: Links below are affiliate links, if you are interested in any of the tools I use and purchase through my links, there's no extra cost to you, I will make a small commission and will be highly appreciated. Any little bit will help support me to bring you more and better content in the future!)


This gunpla will help with how to customize and scribe. I would imagine what it would look like as a transformer. Ever since I was a kid, transformers were my favorite, eventually I got addicted to customizing gundams. I want to apply the color of Bumblebee. I searched and saw the black version of Bumblebee like a hornet and thought it would suit my Diver Ace.


What I used:

  1. Dymo Tapes
  2. Scriber

The materials I used for scribing are not found in other countries, so I linked something similar. I had a hard time scribing because my hands kept shaking. When I scribe, I always trust my tape. It is okay to waste tape instead of having to scratch your Gundam. Sometimes you can't avoid making mistakes, so the best way is to apply a mighty bond because it removes the previous scribe. The safer way is to buy Tamiya putty, apply it onto the scratch, and after the putty dries, sand it to have a smoother surface. Scribing is fun, especially when you do it well and see the results. 

Here is the list of my scribe parts:

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Knee Armor
  • Legs
  • Foot
  • Backpack


When applying a pla plate it needs to be planned because when using a mighty bond, you won’t have any time allowance to move it. It dries faster than Tamiya thin cement, so I suggest using Tamiya thin cement for better time allowance when you use it on your Gundam.

Here are the list of parts that I added with pla plates

  1. Shoulder Armor
  2. Customized Sword


Here is how I customized my sword, I have scrap sword parts from Gundam bael used it, but it was lacking so I traced the existing sword with a 0.5mm pla plate. The traced part will be glued together so it will be sturdy like the existing sword

For the gun, I used the Gn archers’ Gun since there are two guns. I took the other one and cut it into half using a mini hand saw and sand it to have a smooth surface. After cutting it, I used the mighty bond to bond it together.


When I color my Gunpla I want it to have only 2 to 3 colors to look simple and elegant

Here’s what I used:

Color #1: Black

GPaint Black + 10% thinner

Coating #1: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat

Color #2: Vivid orange-yellow #cfa200

80% GPaint  yellow + 20% GPaint red + 10% thinner

Coating #2: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat

Water Decal: RG 1/144 Astray Blue Frame
Apply water decal with hot water use tweezers

Coating #3: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat

Get your GPaint here (click the embed link)! Use coupon code: Galio for a 5% discount! There aren’t many colors in this build to also help a beginner like me to mix colors. Gpaint are already pre-thinned to help with the airbrush, but I still put thinner to thin it more and to save paint lol. I also put topcoat on every step so I don’t need to redo the paint


Please do come over to my YouTube Channel to check what I’ve built so far! I am constantly improving my filming and editing techniques to make somewhat cinematic content for my viewers to have an enjoyable experience. If you like what I’ve done so far, why not follow me on Facebook and Instagram while you’re at it :D 

See you there!

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