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by GSquad Community Blog on Dec 30, 2020


 Hello! Galio here, In this blog post, I want to show how to customize Flauros, adding paint and kitbashing. I would highly recommend for you guys to watch the video first

Read Time: 3 - 5 minutes

 Here is the list of tools I used (If you’re from the Philippines you can use the link to buy it)

  1. Gundam Flauros -  LAZADA | SHOPEE
  2. Scriber LAZADA | SHOPEE
  3. Tamiya ThinnerLAZADA | SHOPEE
  4. AirbrushLAZADA | SHOPEE
  5. Airbrush(recommended)LAZADA | SHOPEE
  6. Ring lightLAZADA | SHOPEE
  7. TurntableLAZADA | SHOPEE
  8. Tamiya Panel AccentLAZADA | SHOPEE
  9. Dymo tape LAZADA | SHOPEE
  10. Water Decal LAZADA | SHOPEE
  11. Alligator clip LAZADA | SHOPEE
  12. Masking tape LAZADA | SHOPEE
  13. Tamiya paints LAZADA | SHOPEE
  14. Armored komodo paintLAZADA | SHOPEE
  15. Pla plate -  LAZADA | SHOPEE
  16. Bosny Flat Clear Coat - LAZADA | SHOPEE


For me,  Flauros is one of the hidden gems from Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. This kit is unique unlike any other kit, it has two forms; human form and animal form. It is also complete with weapons. While I’m customizing this kit, I faced several difficulties but I enjoyed customizing it. This is the first time I scribed a complicated design. The technique I used had to be sketched on a piece of paper to check if it’s good on the armor.


What I used:

  1. Dymo Tapes
  2. Scriber

Here is the list of my scribe parts:

  • Arms Armor
  • Legs
  • Foot
  • Backpack


For the gun, I thought about painting it silver. I had to search on youtube on how to customize a  “Burnt Metal Effect”. This YouTuber named SavageForged Minis showed how to customize the gun and how to paint first with an overlapping layer. This is the first time I did this effect so it is not perfect, there is a lot of room for improvements.



For the color scheme, I think that the color black is a good combination with the gun and this build is like a stealth-type sniper.

Here’s what I used:
Color #1: For the whole body
GPaint Black 
Coating #1: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat

Color #2: For the Gun with burnt metal effect
Armored Komodo: Metallic Pearl White
Armored Komodo: Clear Red Paint
GPaint Blue

Coating #2: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat

Water Decal: RG 1/144 Astray Blue Frame
Apply water decal with hot water use tweezers

Coating #3: Flat
Tamiya top coat flat
Get your GPaint here (click the embed link)! Use coupon code: Galio for a 5% discount! There aren’t many colors in this build to also help a beginner like me to mix colors. Gpaint is already pre-thinned to help with the airbrush. 


Please do come over to my YouTube Channel to check what I’ve built so far! I am constantly improving my filming and editing techniques. Creating a somewhat cinematic content for my viewers to have an enjoyable experience. If you like what I’ve done so far, please consider giving it a like and subscribe.


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