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Golem's Custom Gunpla Work Flow

by Studio G on Nov 01, 2020

Golem's Custom Gunpla Work Flow

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We all have different methods to do, what we do, when we do. In model building for example, there are tons of ways to achieve the same results. But even if we work differently, there are certain things that we have in common, like having a “workflow”. Veterans or newcomers, casuals or hardcore builders, we all plan ahead a series of tasks that needs to be done in order to reach a precise goal. Which is in this case, an awesome build.

Here’s an example of how I planned my work to achieve good results in One day.

7:00 am

Waking up early.

Self:  “Why am I in the shed…”

Conscience:  “You don't have a shed, it's not even your backyard….”

7:01 am

Running back to the house.

7:05 am

Preparing coffee. 

… Seems like enough

7:20 am 

Waking up the kids and preparing for work.

8:20 am

My wife is leaving for kindergarten with the kids, before going to work. I'm stupidly waving at them while trying to look natural….

8:25 am

She’s gone.... I run back inside the house and take the day off from work

8:30 am

Gunpla Time!!!! I search my backlog for something to build.

Conscience: ".....That’s it?!... What about that Deborah’s GN-X over there."

Me: "It’s already built..”

Conscience:  "It looks blend, add some details to it…. Get to work.”

Me:  "Get to work."

Conscience:  "……."

8:35 am

Refreshing the GN-X by rectifying some paint details and adding some weathering effects.

9:25 am

Weathering went overboard…

9:30 am

Now let’s add a pinch of battle damage. Looking around for some cheap kit to destroy.

9:32 am

Pick up a hammer and obliterate this poor GN Archer.

Conscience : "That's a GN-X….."

Me: "It's just for the blog and by the way it's not my fault if I already did some test on the Archer"

Conscience: “...Sigh, back to work”

Me: “Back to work”

10:00 am:

Drilling projectile holes. FYI, yes i do use a RIGID drill.

11:30 am:

I’m Hungry, I go upstairs and make dinner with tons of proteins, vitamins and all the good stuff.

Conscience: “Pathetic….”

11:32 am:

My body's trying to tell me something. 

Me:   "That was a tremendous amount of coffee earlier."

Conscience :  "No! The other guy on youtube said "Never stop building" and you wasted enough time eating already!!!....Back to work."

Me:  “Back to work”

Conscience: “ Sigh…..”

11:45 am

Cutting pieces of wire from an old headphone, roughing them up a bit. Then  replacing selected limbs from the GN Archer with them.

1:00 pm

Making laser damage with a heated knife, drilling holes, inserting the wires and applying vallejo putty.

1:30 pm

Painting the wires and the melted plastic, to give a nice damaged steel effect to it.

2:00 pm

The phone is ringing.

Me: “Oh mother schnitzel, that’s my boss!! I forgot to tell him i was taking the day off..” 

Conscience: “Screw him, back to work.”

Me: “Screw him!!! No wait, i mean.. Back to work.”

2:05 pm

Finally done, now preparing the “GODOX!!!” light booth to start photoshooting.

And yes, I scream every time i say “ GOOODOOXXX!!!”.

3:15 pm

Sitting in my car and waiting for my wife and the kids to come back home.

4:20 pm

My wife finally arrives. I get out of the car and greet her, pretending we both arrived at the same time….. Nailed it!!

The final results

Ok ok that's not really how it went, let's get serious about it and let me show you how i would really work on a project like this. Since I didn’t airbrush anything except for the top coats, it was really easy to stay organized with this build. You can look at it as a beginner project.

1-  I open the box and remove the runners from their packages. I Clean them up.

2- Snapping the kit together , I usually choose which limb to build first, instead of following the instructions step by step.

3- I remove and sand the nubs as I build the kit.

4- Carving battle damage with a heated hobby knife and a drill.

5- Add some detail painting on selected parts.

6- Add a top coat of gloss varnish to save progress.

7- I apply decals and enamel panel line wash

8- Another gloss top coat

9- And 2 or 3 more top coats, but this time with matte varnish.

Now it's done and ready for display! That's it, quite simple isn't it. Such a long post for that much little information lol.

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Alright guys, Golem’s out.

Me: “Nailed it.”

Concsience: “Sigh…”

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