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GPaint Limited Halloween Series 2020

by Studio G on Oct 23, 2020

GPaint Limited Halloween Series 2020

Limited Halloween Series 2020

Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate GPaint has released its very first Limited Halloween Series colors!


GPaint Limited Halloween Series 2020 is a 65ml pre-thinned lacquer model paint made with water based lacquer. The paint to thinner ratio is formulated with ease of use in mind where users can literally use them straight out of the bottle hence it's really suitable for anyone who has minimal experience with painting! If further thinning is needed please thin with lacquer thinner.


Each set of paint comes with 8 colors:

1. Grim Black
2. Ghost White
3. Slime Green
4. Pirate Brown
5. Bloody Red
6. Witch Purple
7. Pumpkin Orange
8. Midnight Blue


Only 200 sets is produced to to mark this special occasion and each each box packaging is serial numbered from 001/200 till 200/200 to make them really collectible. 

Other than this, each individual box is specially designed with the paint theme in mind so every box has their very own design. 


In each box, you can find:

1. StudioG Sticker
2. StudioG Never Stop Building Sticker
3. Personal Autographed Thank You Card
4. All of Limited Halloween Series 2020 colors
5. Custom designed stickers designed by @deveerei


1. Customized RG Crossbone X1 by StudioG
2. Customized RG Crossbone X2 by StudioG

For every purchase of the Limited Halloween Series 2020, you will have the chance of winning either one of the prizes mentioned above. The video for the Customized RG Crossbone will be released on the 30th of October 2020 and the lucky draw will be done via live stream on StudioG's Youtube Channel. The date of lucky draw is to be confirmed. 



You can get the Limited Halloween Series 2020 right here on this website, or if you're from USA, you can log on to NewTypeHQ to get the set as well. 

The Limited Halloween Series 2020 set will be available for purchase on 30th October 2020 at 09:00PM GMT+8 time / Malaysian Time. 

You can use this time zone converter here to convert to your time zone so you don't miss out!

For further announcement please subscribe to StudioG's Youtube Channel or follow him on his Instagram.


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