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How I Got My Girlfriend Building Plamo

by Studio G on Nov 19, 2020

How I Got My Girlfriend Building Plamo

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Hey, it’s Liam from Millennial Model Mayhem. Thanks for checking out my first blog post! Today, I’m going to explain how I managed to get my girlfriend into building and customizing model kits with this Figure-rise Standard Omegamon (Amplified). I’ll also give a brief review of the kit as someone who already has experience building Plamo. Alternatively, you can experience this story in video form: 

It all started during a mundane trip to the local hobby store. I needed supplies to start airbrushing again after a year-long hiatus, and I thought I’d bring her along with me; because what’s more romantic than shopping for hobby supplies, right? In a genius marketing strategy, the layout of the store forced us to walk past the model kits in order to get to the paints. I stopped walking when I heard her gasp and point to the Figure-rise Standard Omegamon! I knew in an instant what I must do with this golden opportunity, so I uttered the words, “What if we split the cost and build it together?” AND SHE SAID YES!

When it came to building the kit, I offered to do the tedious cleaning of the nub marks. That way she got to do all the satisfying clipping, and I could ease her into the process without it seeming too intimidating. We also used some classic Tamiya black panel liner because I wanted her to get at least a little taste of the hobby beyond doing straight builds, but before I continue this saga of plastic-addiction, here’s a quick review of the kit.

For the articulation, everything below the waist is decent, and the big feet provide a solid base for posing. Unfortunately, good articulation mostly stops there. The design of the helmet sometimes catches and rubs against the collar when looking to the side. Due to having two large awkward heads for hands, as well as large asymmetrical shoulder pads, the poses I can pull off are limited. Despite my gripes, there are still things to like! I love the way the cape looks, especially after the panel lining brings out the details. According to my girlfriend (who is a real Digimon fan), the “amplified” in the title comes from a re-design of the original cape, which was just red and white fabric.

Lastly, Omegamon is just super cool! Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon combining into a digital-robot-knight, what’s not to love? If you’re a fan of Digimon, and want a hit of that sweet nostalgia, this kit has good shelf impact and goes great with any Digimon merchandise you or your partner might have (but hopefully, the Imperialdramon coming in early 2021 has some better engineering).

With the Omegamon project completed, I wasted no time in continuing my efforts to get her addicted to those sweet, satisfying model kits (which also gives me more excuses to buy kits for myself)! This is where SD Gundams came in; easy and quick to build, cute, affordable, and suddenly there were 2 more mechs and a Hello Kitty on the shelf! I kept that stream of plastic flowing, and before I knew it, she had graduated to a high-grade kit! Next step is to convince her to start painting…

I hope you enjoyed my story and perhaps picked up a few tricks to employ in your own schemes to get your partners, friends, or family addicted to model kits. Perhaps a model kit exists of something they’re a fan of, you’ll never know until you try! If you’re looking for some custom model and miniature painting content please consider heading to my Youtube channel, and Instagram page. Thanks for reading, there will be more videos and blog posts in the future, so stay tuned!

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