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by GSquad Community Blog on Jan 06, 2021



YELLOW EVERYONE, this is Unlock Project, we are pleased to bring you this week’s Gunpla tools introduction. WE GOT OUR BIG SHIPMENT IN AND FINALLY CAN TALK MORE BOUT THE REST OF OUR NEW PURCHASES!





  • Purchased Items
  • 3M Respirators
  • DSPIAE Scribbers, Sanding Boards & Papers
  • Tamiya Panel Liner Accent & Epoxy Putty
  • Hobbymate Airbrush Pen
  • Conclusion


(Disclaimer: we left Amazon affiliate links below as well, so if you like, you could shop from it at no extra cost for you and we may get a bit of financial help in keeping what we do!)



In this video, we have purchased quite a few tools to prep for some Airbrushing and moving forward to other customisation techniques.

3M Respirators

Getting respirators is a MUST for doing airbrushing. Otherwise, the paint particles and fumes will get into your lungs if you do not use proper equipment to protect your lungs. How to know when to change the cartridges? Is when you are doing spray job while wearing the respirators and you smell paint or fume, it is telling you its time change. What about the filters? When you see the filter changes colour change it. DO NOT USE surgical masks, it does not protect you from the fumes! So invest in a good respirator so you can keep building!

DSPIAE (Pronounced as Dis-pay) Scribbers, Sanding Boards and Papers

Jame’s favourite brand. Dspiae has been getting a lot of good reviews on social media and some even say they could be on par with Godhand. Cheaper alternative if the reason James also switched his Nipper to Paints to Dspiae! It is inexpensive and good quality.


So we got a Push Broach Set, consisting of 1 handle (exclusive only in this set) 0.1MM, 0.15MM, 0.3MM, 0.5MM, 1.0MM and an additional of 0.2MM.


Desmond bought a bundle consisting of a clamp holding handle, Hook Broach size of 0.1MM, 0.2MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 1.0MM.



There is no difference in using different chisel types for scribing as it is all up to personal preference. In such cases, James prefers the push broach as it can be used as a scriber or like a wood carpentry chisel to remove a big chunk off. It can be used in 2 directions by either pulling or pushing. Whereas Desmond prefers the hook broach because of the movement comfort and it’s easier for him when scribing around edges. It can only be used in 1 direction which is pulling.



Next, we have sanding boards and sanding paper also from Dispae. The aluminium alloy sanding board comes in various sizes. Our favourite is the sanding paper because it comes pre-adhesive! No more trouble getting double side tape to prep the sandpaper. Just straight onto the sanding board and you are good to go! 



TAMIYA Panel Liner Accent & Epoxy Putty

We got Tamiya epoxy putty too! Putty is usually used to fill up gaps or reshape any parts on the kits. There are 2 types of epoxy putty for Tamiya brand, the smooth or quick-dry type. We got the smooth type as we want the finishing to be smooth so we can minimise sanding. 


We also got 2 panel line accents, dark gray and light gray. The most common colour used is black colour, but what if the kit part is black? That’s why we got light gray as well so that the panel line can be seen even on a black or darker kit.


HOBBYMATE Airbrush Pen


Yes, we got a new airbrush pen! Why? Because the previous airbrush broke. Specifically, the nozzle broke during the deep cleaning. The HobbyMio airbrush survived for 3 months and, while purchasing the HobbyMio airbrush pen, there wasn’t a lot of review or video of it. Now we understand the true meaning of “You get what you paid for”.


So this time, we purchased a local brand airbrush in Singapore, Hobbymate. At the time of purchase, the price is SGD 49.90. The design of the airbrush pen is almost or exactly the same! Just a different colour and branding name. The airbrush pen feels more sturdy and durable. After using it for a few sessions, a huge difference could be observed. The output is better than HobbyMio’s and the parts are not as brittle.





During this pandemic getting tools locally is very hard that’s why we moved to an online platform like TaoBao or Amazon to get it. Price-wise getting online is definitely cheaper than getting from the local hobby shop but the after service is bad like when my airbrush nozzle is broken I could not find any spare parts and the spare parts are out of production after contacting the company. Whereas getting locally I would not worry about being unable to get spare parts for my tools in case of any damage.  

Do check out our video link here and THANKS, GUYS!

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