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January release: Full Mechanics Mailes Kenbu (First Limited) (Plastic model)

by Studio G on Dec 17, 2021

January release: Full Mechanics Mailes Kenbu (First Limited) (Plastic model)


Manufacturer: Bandai

Scale: 1/48

Original: Kyoukai Senki

Release Date: Jan(Sep. 17, 2021 Pre-order start.)

List Price: 5,280yen about 46.4USD

Sales Price: 4,080yen about 35.85USD


・ 60mm carrying cannon x 1

・ Super heat-shaking combat straight sword x 1

・ Arm super heat swing type battle claw × 1

・ Shielded dagger x 1

・ Weapon rack x 1

・ Hand parts Flat hand (left and right), weapon holder (left and right), gun holder (left and right)

・ Parts for reproducing the unfinished state x 1 set

・ Pilot figure x 2 types

・ Metallic 3D sticker x 1

・ Marking sticker x 1

・ First-time limited clear exterior parts x 1 set

――From [Kyokai Senki], which started broadcasting in October 2021, the main character, Meiles Kembu, has been added to the FULL MECHANICS lineup!

――By configuring on 1/48 scale, the frame structure is included in the aircraft to make it three-dimensional.

-Reproduce the arm raising and lowering action of the rear car. It is also possible to direct the boarding of Shiiba Amou.

-The carrying cannon is partially textured to express the high-density details of the surface mold.

-Amou figures are also included, with standing knees and sitting.

-[Arm Super Heat-Shaking Combat Claw] [Dagger with Shield] is included and can be installed by rearranging.

-The legs that have realized a wide range of movement due to the special structure are equipped with a gimmick that can pull out the knee armor when touching the ground.

--The metallic 3D sticker allows you to select the color of the sensor mold for the limbs from [Green] and [Red].

-Meiles Kembu's armor comes with a mechanical frame and armament that are in the process of being assembled. Can be reproduced by replacing parts.

――This product of the first production comes with the first limited clear exterior.

――The mold of the inner frame is transparent, and it is possible to assemble it to a finish that feels a mechanical design.


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