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Keadic 9 Pcs Tools Kit - Beginner's Gunpla Tool Set

by Studio G on Nov 01, 2020

Keadic 9 Pcs Tools Kit - Beginner's Gunpla Tool Set

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Hi friends, GambitBJJ here and in March of this year, I felt the urge to build Gundams. At the time, I had no idea what “gunpla” was. Naturally, I looked to Amazon to see what tools I would need and I came across the Keadic 9Pcs Gundam Model Tools Kit. At the time of this writing, the kit is $9.99 USD. Do you get what you pay for? Or is it a steal? Let’s take a look.


  1. Nippers
  2. Manual Model Tools File
  3. Pen Knife
  4. Spare Blades (5 pcs)
  5. Polishing Cloth
  6. Double-Sided Polish Bar
  7. Double-Sided Sanding Stick
  8. ESD-12 Fine Tip Tweezer
  9. ESD-15 Fine Tip Tweezer


These nippers feature a slick rubber-like material to cover the handle. They are made in China and while they are sharp enough to cut through the thicker pieces of a runner, it may take a few tries. I found that a lot of times it would pinch the runner, but after a few tries my plastic piece would release. When trimming the excess nubs from my plastic piece, it would often create ugly stress marks. That being said, I did find a use for these nippers and that is to clip the plastic piece off the runner while I save the trimming for my Tamiyas. If you do decide to purchase this kit, this is one piece you’ll want to upgrade first. 


This is a metal file which features a similar slick rubber-like material on its handle. I found this file to be very harsh on the plastic of my kits. It will remove pieces of unwanted plastic from your kit, but it will leave the plastic looking like hamburger meat. I used this file once and I have yet to find another use for it other than as a pry bar when disassembling kits. 


This pen knife isn’t that bad actually. It is lightweight, features a grip in the middle of the handle and as well as the tip before the blade. It also comes with a cover to protect the blade and yourself from any harm. The handle is also about the width of a pen (hence the name) and is comfortable to hold. This is one tool that you can wait a little bit before upgrading. 


Along with this kit comes a small pack of spare blades for your pen knife. These appear to be X-Acto 11 blades which are highly rated blades. The blades are very sharp and very durable and you do get 5 spare blades along with the one that the pen knife comes with. These are not bad and if you decide to continue with these, Amazon has a pack of 100 of these blades for $21.84. 


This is a polishing cloth. It’s pretty flimsy and if you have an extra microfiber cloth that you would use for your glasses, you would be better off using that. It does have some sort of floral pattern on it for whatever that’s worth. 


This is a soft foam bar with three different abrasive surfaces. It is similar to a nail buffer that you can pick up at any beauty supply store...or so I’ve been told. It does what it needs to do and if your kit needs a bit of a shine, this can work for you. Although, there are better options. 


This is a double-sided sanding stick. There aren’t any markings to detail the grit of the sides, but one side feels really rough. If I were to guess, one side would be around one side is 180 and the other is 320. Nothing really special about this, but I would want something with a finer grit than what this kit offers. 


This is a pretty standard fine-tip tweezer. The tweezer features solid construction with a very fine point tip. It does come with a plastic sleeve to house the tip of the tweezer to maintain the integrity of the point. I still use these tweezers and I see no reason to upgrade. 


This is essentially the same tweezer as the ESD-12, but does feature an angled tip. I like using this tweezer to apply things like decals.

Overall, with this kit you’re going to get what you pay for. The tweezers are solid and I have no plans on upgrading to another set of tweezers anytime soon. The pen knife and spare blades can be upgraded, but you can easily get by with this pen knife. I found a use for the nippers, but I would definitely want to upgrade these first. The polish bar, sanding stick, file, and polishing cloth can go in the trash as I don’t see myself ever using them.   

Thank you for your time. I hope this helps in your decision on whether to purchase this tool kit. Until next time, you can check me out on Twitch, Twitter and Instagram

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