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by GSquad Community Blog on Dec 17, 2020


Hey everyone, This is Gunpla_hong. I am part of the Gunpla Talk Show (GTS) and have been given the opportunity to work with the G Squad community. This is my first time doing a blog. Hopefully, you enjoy it!

I have created my very first video content ever. There will be more to come!


The kit I chose for this content is the MG Providence. When I first purchased this kit and saw the amount of possibilities that this kit has, this was a must! This kit was also my 2018 GBWC entry.

When I first started, I saw the possibility of putting in custom LED’s to this project and went straight for that. In the backpack of the Providence the funnels and thrusters lights up when turned on. The eyes light up as well. This was my first time including more than one Led light to a kit. The color scheme I chose for the Providence, was a neutral grey and German grey

What I wanted to present with this kit, was the Providence was firing off the funnels from a crater.

Materials used for LED:

-   LED lights

-   22 Guage black wires 22 Guage white wires

-   9v AC/DC power adapter

-   Circuit Board

Materials used for paint:

-   Tamiya German Grey

-   Tamiya Neutral Grey

-   Mr. Metallic GX Metal Dark Blue

-   Mr. Metallica GX Metal Bloody Red

-   Alclad II Pale Gold

Scribing tool:

-       BMC Scribing Chisels


I grinded out the inner shell of the backpack and ran all the LED’s to a small circuit board and ran the wires down between the MS and backpack. The LED for the eyes was ran down from the head through the body and out through the back where it meets the wiring for the backpack. Everything is then connected to a power supply to plug into the wall outlet.


The painting on the is kit was pretty straight forward. All the paint ratios were 7:3. It was first primed with Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000. The thinner used when mixing the paint was Mr. Color Leveling thinner.


The overall project took me about three weeks from start to finish. A few hours each day. I really enjoyed building this kit. I learned a lot from this and believed that I have leveled up from this experience. I really enjoy the Gundam Seed line of kits maybe there will be more from this line in the future. Who knows? Stay tuned. Please follow me on IG @gunplay_hong for future posts

If you are interested in viewing my final piece, please watch the video. Enjoy!

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