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REVIEW: How Good is the Entry Grade RX-78-2?

by GSquad Community Blog on Dec 30, 2020

REVIEW: How Good is the Entry Grade RX-78-2?

Hello there, builders! This is gambitbjj and I recently built the Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam. Let’s see how it went! 

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A Brief History on the Entry Grade

Back in 2011, Bandai released four Entry Grade model kits. They are comparable to First Grade and No Grade 1/144 Gunpla kits. They feature no polycaps and are molded in only three colors. The kit included a parts separator, which eliminated the need for nippers and retailed about $5.00 USD. 

Earlier this year, Bandai Spirits rebooted the Entry Grade line with the release of the Entry Grade RX-78-2. The rebooted line features advanced color separation, articulation and proportions equivalent to most High Grade Kits. Instead of a parts separator, the kit has been engineered to allow part removal by hand. 

The Kit

The Entry Grade RX-78-2 GUNDAM is a 1/144 plastic model kit in the standard RX-78-2 color scheme we are all familiar with. The box claims that the kit requires no tools, paint, or stickers and is recommended for ages 8+. Like many Gunpla kits today, no glue is required. The kit itself retails for ~$8 USD.

The first thing that I noticed about this kit after opening the box is the amount of runners. There are two runners that can be broken up into smaller runners. The entire kit itself is only 74 parts and I finished this kit while maintaining a casual conversation in about an hour. 

The quality of the plastic is what one would expect out of a current High Grade kit and features excellent color separation. The joints feel just stiff enough to be able to maintain poses including a sweet side kick. 

Accessories include a beam rifle, a shield, and a pair of beam saber handles. It should be noted that this kit only includes the handles of the beam saber and not the actual beam sabers. This is a little disappointing. Most builders have spare beam sabers lying around, but for a kit marketed as an Entry Grade, it would have been nice to have the actual beam sabers. The beam rifle itself is fine except the scope looks unfinished. 

The RX-78-2 can absolutely be built without the use of any tools. Applying a little bit of pressure, I was able to remove the parts from the runners without the use of nippers. While I did not notice any stress marks, I did see plenty of nubs left over. All 74 pieces snapped together well without issue. The instructions were also very clear and this is coming from someone that constantly wonders what Bandai is trying to tell me what to do. There are a few seamlines that I noticed on the legs and the torso, but I was impressed with how well the seams were hidden in the arms. While the kit requires no tools, I would recommend doing some minor clean up with your favorite method of nub and seamline removal. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe this is a fantastic kit especially when you consider the price tag is under $10 USD. Any issues that I had with this kit may seem nitpicky, but this is only because I had to dig deep to find issues with this kit. If you know someone that is interested in picking up the hobby but are unsure they want to invest in tools or a more expensive kit, this is a perfect kit for them. Alternatively, builders that are taking their first stab at customizing a kit, this is a very inexpensive kit and a quick build so they can practice without worrying about wasting too much time and money. I highly recommend this kit and I am not opposed to purchasing a few more of these in the future. 

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If you built this kit, we would love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below! 

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