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StudioG.Store Build Competition is now OPEN!

by Studio G on Mar 14, 2022

StudioG.Store Build Competition is now OPEN!

StudioG.Store Build Competition is now OPEN! Please read everything before enter! :)

Submit your entry here:

In this contest you’ll build a custom, painted kit for a prize.

The theme of this competition is “Be Yourself” where you can really just do whatever you want within the rules. :)

Start: 13th March 2022
End: 22nd May 2022


1st place:

  • USD300.00
  • Plaque
  • T-shirt

2nd place:

  • USD200.00
  • Plaque
  • T-shirt

3rd place:

  • USD100.00
  • Plaque
  • T-shirt

4th place (honorable mention):

  • $50.00
  • T-shirt

1. Must to be your own new build.

  • Any build that was entered previously in another competition will not be valid.

2. Must be submitted before the deadline.

  • No more than 3 days after deadline ONLY upon request.

3. Must be customized and painted.
4. Must have a description of what you did to customize your submission.
5. Must include MULTIPLE photographs.

  • Must be high effort photographs.
  • I.e. Use a light, focus your camera, take your time, etc.
  • Must avoid a messy background.
  • Required angles: Front. Back. Left. Right. Front-left. Front-right. Back-left. Back-right.
  • Close up of any highlights (7 pictures max)
  • Photo editing is allow, however no photo manipulation. Eg. Adding background, light leaks and anything that will affect judging of the build.

6. This competition is only open for StudioG.Store Discord Community Server, if you wish to participate and you're not a member yet you may join our Discord Community Server here:

For any questions you may message Stoaks on our Discord Channel or email

Submit your entry here:

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