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Win the customized RG Crossbones X1 & X2 Today!

by Studio G on Oct 30, 2020

Win the customized RG Crossbones X1 & X2 Today!

To celebrate GPaint's very first Limited Halloween Series 2020 Color, we are giving away these 2 customized RG Crossbones X1 & X2 to the lucky winners. 


To enter, what you need to do is to purchase at least 1 GPaint Limited Halloween Series 2020 Color Set here on the website or on Newtype. Limited to only 200 sets worldwide! Each color set has a unique number to it from 001/100 to 200/200.


A private live drawing video will be made for the lucky draw and each customer will be sent a personal video link to watch the lucky draw process. 

If you're the chosen winner, all you have to do is to take a clear picture of yourself with the box itself and send them to to claim your very own Custom RG Crossbone X1 or X2!

Live drawing date to be announced.

Thank you all for the massive support and I hope that through this event you will have more faith and trust in GPaint and its quality. 

Enjoy the paint, and in the meantime, please check out our basic colors as well here!


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