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Winner of the Discord Community Server logo design contest!

by Studio G on Jan 07, 2022

Winner of the Discord Community Server logo design contest!

Hello everybody! We are excited to announce that the Discord Community Server logo design contest has come to a close. That means that we now get to present the winner!

Over the course of three weeks we had people submit their designs for a new icon for the StudioG Community Server. Numerous people submitted great and creative designs. One entrant even created their submission with people in the Community Build event! It was great to see the community spirit everyone showed through this.

At the end, through much deliberation and voting, the committee has decided on a logo to be chosen...

The design suits the StudioG brand through both coloration and style. It also had text created for the discord server in specific. It incorporated panel-line designs in a creative and professional-looking way. It really speaks about who we are, what we do, and what brings us together as a community: hobby kits.

The winner is.... @Exede#6231!!! Exede is a 41 year-old builder from Germany who has been in the server since the end of June. They got back into gunpla after a long break and since then has been building for 4 years. After trial and error on their first kits they took a break until quarantine happened and they started again. Since then they've been hooked. They have two kids who are slowly getting into gunpla themselves. Their oldest even built the MG Wing Zero EW Ver. Ka at only 14 years old! Impressive!

When asked to give advice Exede stated: "My advice is that you don't let discourage you by mistakes and failures, its a learning process and very rewarding. And in the end you can revisit a project after a break"

The prize Exede won was $30 in store credit (or cash) and to have their design featured as the OFFICIAL icon for the StudioG Discord Community Server! Make sure you congratulate Exede!

Thank you again for all your participation in this contest and the bi-monthly community builds! You all are what lets this community exist in the first place and we couldn't be happier. The community you've created is a talented, passionate, supportive, and active one. That's a LOT more than other communities can say!

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