We got your back! Here you can find our ever growing color mixing formulas and tutorials. 



We have prepared simple color mixing video just for you that covers everything from tools you need, and how to do it. Enjoy! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions! :)


Basic colors with shades


Black 10ML + White 1ML

Black 10ML + White 2ML

Black 10ML + White 3ML

Black 10ML + White 4ML

Black 10ML + White 5ML

Black 10ML + White 6ML

Black 10ML + White 7ML

Black 10ML + White 8ML

Black 10ML + White 9ML

Black 10ML + White 10ML


White 10ML + Black 1ML

White 10ML + Black 2ML

White 10ML + Black 3ML

White 10ML + Black 4ML

White 10ML + Black 5ML

White 10ML + Black 6ML

White 10ML + Black 7ML

White 10ML + Black 8ML

White 10ML + Black 9ML

White 10ML + Black 10ML


Red 10ML + Black 1ML

Red 9ML + Black 1ML

Red 8ML + Black 2ML

Red 7ML + Black 3ML

Red 6ML + Black 4ML

Red 5ML + Black 5ML

Red 4ML + Black 6ML

Red 3ML + Black 7ML

Red 2ML + Black 8ML

Red 1ML + Black 9ML

Red 10ML + White 1ML

Red 9ML + White 1ML

Red 8ML + White 2ML

Red 7ML + White 3ML

Red 6ML + White 4ML

Red 5ML + White 5ML

Red 4ML + White 6ML

Red 3ML + White 7ML

Red 2ML + White 8ML

Red 1ML + White 9ML


Yellow 10ML + Black 1ML

Yellow 9ML + Black 1ML

Yellow 8ML + Black 2ML

Yellow 7ML + Black 3ML

Yellow 6ML + Black 4ML

Yellow 5ML + Black 5ML

Yellow 4ML + Black 6ML

Yellow 3ML + Black 7ML

Yellow 2ML + Black 8ML

Yellow 1ML + Black 9ML

Yellow 10ML + White 1ML

Yellow 9ML + White 1ML

Yellow 8ML + White 2ML

Yellow 7ML + White 3ML

Yellow 6ML + White 4ML

Yellow 5ML + White 5ML

Yellow 4ML + White 6ML

Yellow 3ML + White 7ML

Yellow 2ML + White 8ML

Yellow 1ML + White 9ML


Blue 10ML + Black 1ML

Blue 9ML + Black 1ML

Blue 8ML + Black 2ML

Blue 7ML + Black 3ML

Blue 6ML + Black 4ML

Blue 5ML + Black 5ML

Blue 4ML + Black 6ML

Blue 3ML + Black 7ML

Blue 2ML + Black 8ML

Blue 1ML + Black 9ML

Blue 10ML + White 1ML

Blue 9ML + White 1ML

Blue 8ML + White 2ML

Blue 7ML + White 3ML

Blue 6ML + White 4ML

Blue 5ML + White 5ML

Blue 4ML + White 6ML

Blue 3ML + White 7ML

Blue 2ML + White 8ML

Blue 1ML + White 9ML


Z.Green 10ML + Black 1ML

Z.Green 9ML + Black 1ML

Z.Green 8ML + Black 2ML

Z.Green 7ML + Black 3ML

Z.Green 6ML + Black 4ML

Z.Green 5ML + Black 5ML

Z.Green 4ML + Black 6ML

Z.Green 3ML + Black 7ML

Z.Green 2ML + Black 8ML

Z.Green 1ML + Black 9ML

Z.Green 10ML + White 1ML

Z.Green 9ML + White 1ML

Z.Green 8ML + White 2ML

Z.Green 7ML + White 3ML

Z.Green 6ML + White 4ML

Z.Green 5ML + White 5ML

Z.Green 4ML + White 6ML

Z.Green 3ML + White 7ML

Z.Green 2ML + White 8ML

Z.Green 1ML + White 9ML


Secondary colors with shades


Red 10ML + Yellow 10ML

Orange 9ML + Black 1ML

Orange 8ML + Black 2ML

Orange 7ML + Black 3ML

Orange 6ML + Black 4ML

Orange 5ML + Black 5ML

Orange 4ML + Black 6ML

Orange 3ML + Black 7ML

Orange 2ML + Black 8ML

Orange 1ML + Black 9ML

Red 10ML + Yellow 10ML

Orange 9ML + White 1ML

Orange 8ML + White 2ML

Orange 7ML + White 3ML

Orange 6ML + White 4ML

Orange 5ML + White 5ML

Orange 4ML + White 6ML

Orange 3ML + White 7ML

Orange 2ML + White 8ML

Orange 1ML + White 9ML


Red 10ML + Blue 10ML

Purple 9ML + Black 1ML

Purple 8ML + Black 2ML

Purple 7ML + Black 3ML

Purple 6ML + Black 4ML

Purple 5ML + Black 5ML

Purple 4ML + Black 6ML

Purple 3ML + Black 7ML

Purple 2ML + Black 8ML

Purple 1ML + Black 9ML

Red 10ML + Blue 10ML

Purple 9ML + White 1ML

Purple 8ML + White 2ML

Purple 7ML + White 3ML

Purple 6ML + White 4ML

Purple 5ML + White 5ML

Purple 4ML + White 6ML

Purple 3ML + White 7ML

Purple 2ML + White 8ML

Purple 1ML + White 9ML


Yellow 10ML + Blue 10ML

Green 9ML + Black 1ML

Green 8ML + Black 2ML

Green 7ML + Black 3ML

Green 6ML + Black 4ML

Green 5ML + Black 5ML

Green 4ML + Black 6ML

Green 3ML + Black 7ML

Green 2ML + Black 8ML

Green 1ML + Black 9ML

Yellow 10ML + Blue 10ML

Green 9ML + White 1ML

Green 8ML + White 2ML

Green 7ML + White 3ML

Green 6ML + White 4ML

Green 5ML + White 5ML

Green 4ML + White 6ML

Green 3ML + White 7ML

Green 2ML + White 8ML

Green 1ML + White 9ML


Yellow 10ML + Blue 10ML + Red 10ML

Brown 9ML + Black 1ML

Brown 8ML + Black 2ML

Brown 7ML + Black 3ML

Brown 6ML + Black 4ML

Brown 5ML + Black 5ML

Brown 4ML + Black 6ML

Brown 3ML + Black 7ML

Brown 2ML + Black 8ML

Brown 1ML + Black 9ML

Yellow 10ML + Blue 10ML + Red 10ML

Brown 9ML + White 1ML

Brown 8ML + White 2ML

Brown 7ML + White 3ML

Brown 6ML + White 4ML

Brown 5ML + White 5ML

Brown 4ML + White 6ML

Brown 3ML + White 7ML

Brown 2ML + White 8ML

Brown 1ML + White 9ML


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