What are the advantages of GPaint?

Our 65ml lacquer-based paint brings you:


-Scratch resistance.

-Pre-thinned and optimized for airbrushing and suitable for hand painting.

-3t’s Fast drying within minutes

-Use straight out of the bottle without any mixing involved.


-In compliance with all of the safety and health hazard codes.

-Limited editions series with it’s own limited edition colors

How fast does GPaint dry ?

Generally GPaint dries within a few minutes. But to achieve full curing, it's recommended to leave it to cure overnight to achieve the highest degree of scratch resistances.

Can I use GPaint with a hand brush?

Yes, you are able to use a hand brush with GPaint. Highly recommended to use a hand brush for the details of your kit. Painting with airbrush will allow you to achieve the smoothest finishing.

What type of thinner should I use for Mixing with GPaint?

You are able to use Hobby-Grade lacquer Thinners like example tamiya  Thinner or Mr Color lacquer Thinner.

How do I clean my airbrush after using GPaint ?

Generally any Hobby-Grade tool washer or lacquer thinner can be used for cleaning GPaint.

Where can I get a Color Mixing Chart?

You may refer to "Color Mixing Chart" by clicking it

Can I add a topcoat using GPaint ?

Yes you are able to add another layer of topcoat after using GPaint. To achieve matte or gloss finishing.

Does it require thinner to mix with GPaint ?

For GPaint there's no need to add more thinner as G-paint is already pre-thinned out of the bottle. However, you may still be able to add thinner to further thin down the mix to your preference.

Do I need to spray primer before using GPaint ?

No, you don’t need to coat primer for the base as G-paint is formulated to stick to bare plastic, without primer. 

What size of airbrush is recommended for using GPaint ?

Any 0.2mm to 0.5mm airbrush is recommended to use with GPaint.