• Primerless
• Scratch Resistance - Pose and play with no worries of paint chipping
• Lacquer based paint
• 65ML (Good for 3-4 kits)
• Use straight out of the bottle
• Pre-thinned and optimized for airbrushing


They are expensive and hard to find too – so why use Primers, when you can skip them?

The primerless feature in GPaint allows you to skip priming your model kits and

saves plenty of your time, energy and of course money!


GPaint has a unique formula of toughness and durability that

allows you to pose your Gundam without fearing about chipping or peeling-off paints.

Best of all, you’ll get a flawless finish!


With GPaint, you can mix your own custom colours

with ease while saving money from buying any specific colours.

It allows more space on your shelf for storage purposes,

and you can definitely say goodbye to any wasted paint – as there won’t be any.

Easy to Use

The Easiest Paint You'll Ever Use

We formulate GPaint with ease of use in mind.

No more wasting time and effort in thinning or figuring out the paint ratio.

Just pour and paint straight out of the bottle.