What is GPoints?

GPoints is a specially-designed loyalty program for StudioG.Store customers. It includes special rewards & benefits that are exclusive to members only.

How many points do I earn for my order?

You will receive 1 GPoints for every USD1 spent.

Can I collect points through online purchases?

Yes. All existing StudioG.Store members are able to collect reward points when they place an order. 

Will my points expire?

No, there is no expiry date for GPoints

How to redeem my reward points?

On the corner bottom right there will be a “G-point” button.

-Click on “GPoints” Button ->Then click on “ways to redeem”

-There you may choose out of 4 selection ways to redeem.

1.$5 off coupon for 500 GPoints

2. 5% off coupon for 1500 GPoints

3. Free shipping coupon for 6000 GPoints

4. Order discount for 100 GPoints = $1

May I use my points for promotional products, such as discounted items?

Yes, you may use your GPoint on buying any products available on studioG.Store

How do I check the points accumulated in my account?

On the corner bottom right there will be a “GPoints” button.

-Click on “GPoints” Button 

-On the top bar of the menu hud will show how much GPoints you’ve accumulated.

If I offset my purchase with my points, will there be points credited to my account?

Yes, the reward points that will be credited to your account based on the nett amount after point redemption.

Will I get my points immediately after making a purchase?

Yes. GPoints will be awarded to you at the time of purchase.