Gunpla Grades

No Grade (NG):

- It was first released in 1980.

- Applied to multiple 1/144 and 1/100 Gunpla that are not categorized with the Grade System.

- Limited in articulation, requires glue, and paint to complete the look.

- Suitable for vintage toys collector

First Grade (FG):

- Introduced in 1990.

- A line of 1/144 scale kits from Universal Century(UC) and Anno Domini(AD) timeline.

- Original line was part of the Gundam 20th Anniversary Big Bang Project in 1999.

- Molded in one color and have no polycaps.

- Features a snap-fit assembly.

- The second incarnation was released in 2007 for the first season of Gundam 00.

- Kits molded in multiple colors.

- First incarnation suitable for vintage toys collector.

- The second incarnation is very beginner friendly.

High Grade (HG):

- Introduced in 1990.

- Scales at 1/144.

- Variety of choices to pick. Almost every incarnation of Gundam and Zeon mobile suits has an HG.

- Molded in multiple colors, earlier kits have minimal detail but have improved on the newest releases.

- Suitable for beginners in terms of straight build and to start customizing.

Master Grade (MG):

- Introduced in 1995.

- Scales at 1/100.

- Wide range of selections to pick from, and have two sub-categories: Master Grade Ver. Ka. (MG Ver.Ka.) & Master Grade Extreme(MGEX)

- Kits have an inner frame, moving mechanical parts, and great parts and color separation armors.

- Suitable for beginner and intermediate builders.

Real Grade (RG):

- Introduced in 2010.

- Scales at 1/144.

- Love child of MG and HG. 

- Introduce the Advanced MS Joints, a pre-molded inner frame. But ditch the inner frame in the newer release.

- Retain the same details as the MG but on an HG scale.

- Suitable for intermediate and advanced builders. But beginner builders shouldn’t be afraid to start with a newer release RG.

Perfect Grade (PG):

- Introduced in 1998.

- Scales at 1/60.

- Packs in a lot of details such as a realistic inner frame, tons of mechanical movement, superb color separation, unique gimmicks, opening hatches, and some kits have sold separate LED.

- Currently, 19 kits are available.

- In 2020, to celebrate the culmination of 40 years of Gunpla history. Bunpla released a new PG line called PGU(Perfect Grade Unleashed).

- The next step of Gunpla technology.

- More details from the normal PG.

- Suitable for the advanced builder since it needs a lot of time to assemble the kit.

Super Deformed (SD):

- Introduced in the 1980s.

- It is a Non-Scale kit. Was made to look cute/chibi.

- Geared towards children.

- Have a variety of series such as SD Sengokuden, SD Gundam Gaiden, SDX, SDEX, Cross Silhouette, SD World Heroes, etc.

- Minimal details and requires a lot of stickers for part separation.

- Very beginner friendly.

Entry Grade (EG):

- Scales at 1/144.

- The first incarnation was introduced in 2011 in China. Marketed to emerging markets in Asia.

- Similar to First Grade or No Grade 1/144.

- Contain no polycaps and are molded in three colors.

- Each kit comes with a part separator.

- Limited to neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles articulation.

- Bandai rebooted the line in 2020.

- Features advanced color separation, articulation, and proportions.

- Runner gates are thin and can be removed by hand.

- Rebooted version is catered towards beginners and is a great kit to learn and practice customizing.

Megasize (MSM):

- Introduced in 2009.

- Scales at 1/48. The biggest commercial Gunpla.

- Basically an oversize HG.

- The runner gates are thin enough to separate the parts without any nipper, and Bandai also develops a way to “sandwich” the runner together for ease of build.

- Suitable for beginner and intermediate builders.

Reborn 1/100 (RE100):

- Introduced in 2014.

- A line for Bandai to release more obscure mobile suits such as Nightingale, Gundam Gerbera, Gundam Mk-3, Hamma-Hamma, etc.

- Not as complex as the MG line. The same level of detail as MG but no full inner frame.

- Suitable for beginner and intermediate builders.

High-Resolution Model (Hi-Res Model):

- Introduced in 2016.

- Line of 1/100 Gunpla kits of the Mobile Suits in the Gundam metaseries.

- Consist of a pre-assembled skeletal inner frame.

- The runners of the armor pieces are glossy and metallic finish.

- Inner frame is made in China while the outer armor pieces are made in Japan.

- Some kits feature diecast metal parts.

- Suitable for advanced builders.

Full Mechanics (FM):

- Established in 2021.

- Feature certain mobile suits on a 1/100 scale.

- Separate from MG and RE 1/100.

- Covers from the timeline outside of the Universal Century.

- FM has hosted other mecha anime series such as Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, Amaim Warrior at the Borderline, and Gundam Witch from Mercury.

- Suitable for beginner and intermediate builders.


- Officially 3 lines released.

- Formania was released in 2010. Only three busts (Nu, Sazabi, Zephyranthes Full Burnern).

- Feature opening hatches, LED light-up features, and two articulated LED spotlights.

- Gundam Factory Yokohama. Released in 2021.

- Model Kit bust, to celebrate the opening of Gundam Factory in Yokohama.

- 1/48 scale.

- Ultimate Mechanix, released in 2022. Only one release (Unicorn).

- Part bust, part model kit, transformable, and various LED functions.

- Suitable for intermediate and advanced builders.

Hobby Tools for Gunpla

Essential (Straight build):

- Side cutter or nipper to cut the part out from the runner.

- Hobby knife to trim/shave any access nub marks.

- Sandpaper to sand the nub marks smooth for a more smooth surface.

- Tweezer for ease of use while applying sticker decals.

- Panel line pen to add more contrast to the kit.

Non-essential (Customs and painting):

- Scriber set and scribe guide tape.

- Part separator.

- Masking tape.

- Alligator clip.

- Airbrush and compressor.

- Thinners.

- Paint booth.

Bandai Red vs Blue Logo

- In 2018 Bandai Co., Ltd split into 2 companies.

- Bandai(Red logo) and Bandai Spirits(Blue logo).

- Bandai will focus on toy products aimed at younger demographics and other markets such as confectionery, trading cards, and apparel.

- Bandai Spirits will focus on a more mature collector demographic, these would be model kits, collectible figure products, and lottery items from Ichiban Kuji.

- Items released prior to September 2019 products shipped by Bandai Spirits will gradually be switched over to the new logo, item number, and UPC.

- There are no changes in the product besides the new logo, item number, and UPC.