GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6
GPaint Blue X 6

GPaint Blue X 6

$51.90 $53.94
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GPaint Blue X 6

GPaint Blue X 6

$51.90 $53.94
Product description


What you get: 6 bottles of GPaint Blue

GPaint lets you paint and create your model kits like a professional, without the need for a primer, experience the hassle of getting the "paint to thinner" ratio right. We’ve created a special recipe to make the new GPaint the toughest paint out there, and it’s also scratch resistance to protect your kits.

Get your unique colors by combining two or more GPaint colors to give your kit a customized look! Now painting is easier than ever. Let GPaint take care of the paint while you focus on painting.

• Lacquer based paint
• Primerless
• Scratch Resistance
• 65ML (Good for 3-4 kits)
• Use straight out of the bottle
• Pre-thinned and optimized for airbrushing
• Suitable for hand painting
• Comes in 8 colors
• Create your colors by mixing GPaint straight out of the bottle
• Beginner-friendly
• Good for all types of model kits (Gunpla, Military, Mini Figures)
• In compliance with all of the safety and health hazard codes

GPaint Black X 1

Store tightly capped and away from direct sunlight. Use in a well-ventilated room and away from open flames.

Start by shaking the bottle well. Make sure that it is well mixed, and unscrew the bottle cap to remove the paint seal. Screw on the bottle cap securely and unscrew the transparent part of the cap. Start pouring the paint in your paint container or straight into the airbrush color cup to paint or airbrushing.

1. GPaint is formulated for universal use, hence please experiment with different PSI when airbrushing to find the optimum flow for your airbrush. Recommended to try with 15psi and slowly work your way up to 40psi.
2. GPaint will work fine with airbrush size ranging from 0.2mm up till 0.5mm with varying PSI.
3. The primerless feature allows you to skip priming entirely to save time and money. However, if you’re painting red, yellow or warm colors over dark parts of your kit, please paint a coat of white as a base for the colors to truly shine. Other than that, you’re good!

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For Malaysian customers, you may also purchase from Shopee or Lazada.

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Ease of use

The Easiest Paint You'll Ever Use

We formulate GPaint with ease of use in mind. No more wasting time and effort in thinning or figuring out the paint ratio. Just pour and paint straight out of the bottle.

GPaint Feature

It's Primerless

They are expensive and hard to find too – so why use Primers, when you can skip them? The primerless feature in GPaint allows you to skip priming your model kits and saves plenty of your time, energy and of course money! Watch the video to see how it performs!

GPaint Feature

It's Scratch Resistance

GPaint has a unique formula of toughness and durability that allows you to pose your Gundam without fearing about chipping or peeling-off paints. Best of all, you’ll get a flawless finish! Check out our scratch test video!

GPaint Feature

Create Your Own Colors

With GPaint, you can mix your own custom colours with ease while saving money from buying any specific colours. It allows more space on your shelf for storage purposes, and you can definitely say goodbye to any wasted paint – as there won’t be any.

Custom Colors With GPaint

Before / After

See How GPaint Works

Watch how GPaint is being used in a real world situation to customize any model kits into something unique.

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